The law office “CLARUS RM” (formely – “Rektina un Mieze”) is one of the first providers of legal services that was established after Latvia regained its independence in 1991. Since then the Law Office has proved its competence and has became a recognized and experienced law office with many well-respected clients in Latvia and abroad. As of 2020, the Law Office has been part of the CLARUS family of Estonian and Lithuanian law offices, adding its skills and professionalism and providing Baltic-wide services.

Some of the most important values the firm has acquired over the years of practice is competence, high degree of responsibility and continual orientation towards the development, as well as proposal of balanced, creative and progressive solutions to our clients. The law office “CLARUS RM” effectively provides high-quality legal services and ensures that the clients would feel secure and comfortable. The Law Office highly appreciates the clients’ time and offers possibilities to save it with qualitative legal solutions. The experience of the Law Office allows to provide solutions corresponding to the best interests of the client even in seemingly complicated situations.

Lawyers of the Law Office will provide comprehensive legal assistance and representation in courts, state and municipal institutions, pre-trial and out-of-court proceedings, as well as prepare drafts of agreements and other documents, provide legal opinions, recommendations and consultations in various legal practice areas and questions. Lawyers of the Law Office provide high quality legal services in Latvian, English, Russian, German and Spanish languages.