The office has a specialization in following sectors:

In ever-changing and global environment we assist to businessmen to create, develop and improve their commercial and business operations. We are addressing the legal issues that may arise in the course of business negotiations. We also assist in the selection of the most favourable legal form and ensure the fulfilment of legal requirements for the registration of the legal entity, its operation, reorganisation and liquidation. The priority of the Law Office is provision of a constant and operative assistance to businessmen.
In accordance to the Constitution of Latvia everyone has a right to own property; therefore, our mission is to take care of the protection of client’s property and welfare in a form of legal assistance for the interests of clients. The lawyers of the law office “CLARUS RM” will render assistance for drafting of qualitative and comprehensive civil agreements and other documents, amending them, as well as to ensure their implementation. We have concluded that the client’s solvency directly depends on properly drafted agreements.
The importance of marriage and family in the human society is undeniable; therefore, it requires proper legal regulation and support. The lawyers of the law office “CLARUS RM” have substantial knowledge and vast experience in application of the family law. They are capable to provide solutions for the most difficult and complex problems. The Law Office has worked profoundly with assignments related to the marriage, property and personal relations of spouses, protection of children rights, child alimony payments, adoption, legal guardian and custody. The profound experience allows the firm to render professional assistance concerning the inheritance law, composition and execution of testaments.
Nowadays, both legal entities and individuals cannot avoid fulfilment of their interests without involvement of the state or municipal institutions, and from time to time the collisions of interests occur. Currently, the law provides rather extensive rights for private persons to appeal the decisions of state authorities. The law office “CLARUS RM” is able to provide necessary assistance in order to use these rights to the full extent in the administrative procedures representing the client’s interests in the institutions and court. The Law Office also has considerable experience in cooperation with state authorities; thus, necessary consultations and legal assistance can be provided for state and municipal institutions and enterprises as well.
For many people the work is a source for living and professional satisfaction. On other turn, for employers the labour-force is a tool for accomplishment of their ideas and plans. Misunderstandings in these aspects are frequent, but, if tackled well and timely, the negative effects can be avoided and the result acceptable for both parties can be achieved. The Law Office deals on regular basis with drafting of employment and collective agreements, amendments, employment notices and appeal of such notices, as well as individual and collective employment disputes. Particular attention is drawn to the consultations of the employees and employer due to the fact that a peaceful settlement of dispute is always more efficient and less time and money consuming for the involved parties.
The Law Office highly respects the principle set by the Constitution of Latvia – everyone shall be presumed innocent until his guilt has been established in accordance with law. The law office “CLARUS RM” ensures the representation of persons against which the criminal proceedings have been initiated in the pre-trial investigations and in court. Having the necessary knowledge and experience the Law Office also ensures the representation of a victim and other persons involved in criminal proceedings.
In Latvia, since 2000 there is a special regulation for the protection of personal data of individuals. However, more detailed attention to the data protection by state and municipal institutions, as well as by commercial entities is paid after the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation), which entered into force on 25 May 2018 all over the European Union. The experts of the law office “CLARUS RM” are competent to conduct a client’s personal data processing audit and determine the steps to be taken to ensure a compliance with the Regulation. The experts of the Law Office can also prepare the necessary documents for the implementation of the necessary procedures, impact assessment and risk assessment regarding the rights and freedoms of data subjects.
It is easy to say – assess carefully your possibilities to return the debt, but what can be done if sales dramatically fall, if salary is decreased or you are made redundant. However, the creditors want to get back their money immediately. The lawyers of the Law Office considers that the initiation of a private or corporate insolvency is not a tragedy or disgrace. It is a possibility to free yourself from outstanding payments to commence a new business or continue the life being free from encumbering burden of debts.
The law office “CLARUS RM” ensures a planning, preparation and controlling of deals with real estates, as well as works with issues related to the registration and management of real estate, registration of servitudes and other encumbrances to the real estate. The Law Office also provides legal assistance regarding the rent and lease of a real estate.
The society provides part of its income for the common benefit in order to ensure the finances for such important functions as the education, health care and culture. However, the paying of taxes sometimes arise conflicts and disagreements. Such situations are well known for the lawyers of the Law Office, and they are ready to assist you to solve your case. It is recommendable to know the requirements of taxation statutory acts beforehand; therefore, the Law Office also offers the preliminary consultations on questions regarding taxes.
The state and municipal institutions need the goods and services provided by private sector. The respective purchases are organized in a form of a public procurement. The private merchants, on their turn, are interested in transparent, fair and just procurements announced by the state or municipal entities. The Law Office is capable to prepare the documentation to participate in the public procurements, to represent the merchant in the course of procurement proceedings, including submission of application and appeals of the taken decisions. The consultations are also provided for the state and municipal institutions concerning the organization and provision of a public procurement.
The transactions with partners from other countries are often similarly important for the client in times when significance of the state borders decrease, but goods and money turnover accelerates. It is recommendable to agree beforehand on most important conditions of the deal in such cases. The lawyers of the Law Office are ready to provide their knowledge in international trade ensuring additional safety.

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The mediation is an alternative process for the dispute resolution without initiating the court proceedings. The mediation can be commenced for the solution of existing dispute or as a tool for prevention of potential conflict. The mediator hears out each party and impartially suggests solutions that are mutually beneficial. The lawyers of the Law Offce have passed necessary training and have rights to provide mediation services.